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Bear Creek Supply Moly Coated Lead Pistol bullets

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Manufacturer: Bear Creek Supply

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These bullets are sized, lubed, and ready to reload. The unique moly coating completely eliminates leading. When a lead bullet is fired, lead from the bullets and the lube vaporizes and sticks to everything it contacts. This makes cleaning the gun much more difficult than it has to be. Since there is no traditional type wax lube. there are no lube vapors and because of the coating, there are no lead vapors, thus making cleaning the gun much easier, when you use these bullets. The unique Moly coating is also great for use with traditional or any of the black powder substitues like Pyrodex and Clean Shot. So, if you just want to load a few black powder cartridges, either for fun or cowboy action shooting, then this is the perfect bullet for you, as you don't have to worry about special lube for black powder.
This product is NOT loaded ammuntion !!!

Special note about the cost of shipping bullets....We charge the UPS rate for one pound (less for some bullet products) no matter what the actual weight is.

If you order loaded ammunition along with bullets (projectiles only), we will determine the most cost effective shipping (either UPS ground or USPS priority mail)

If you order only bullets (projectiles), we will usually ship USPS priority mail.

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